About Dr. Rahaman

Sultan Rahaman MD

Dr. Sultan Rahaman is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has been treating and caring for patients in Central Florida for over 28 years. In addition to family practice, he also provides other primary care services and has experience in internal medicine, pediatrics, minor surgery and geriatrics.

He is an authorized United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) Civil Surgeon, who provides immigration medical exams for those seeking adjustment of status in the United States.

Dr. Rahaman’s practice is focused on disease prevention and overall wellness; he believes in routine screening tests and only prescribing pharmaceutical medications when indicated. His goal is to provide affordable healthcare that is tailored to the needs of each patient and is designed to reduce risk factors for chronic diseases including Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes Mellitus and many cancers. He participates in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) quality programs.

A testament to the value of his unique approach, large health insurance companies have transferred hundreds of patients to Dr. Rahaman’s practice over the last several years because of his ability to provide quality care that is both effective and economical.

Dr. Rahaman is currently accepting new patients. Call 407.767.8006 today to schedule an appointment.

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